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Her books put readers on the right path with practical guides that create lasting change and make achieving goals more fun. 

There are more than a few self-help junkies out there who seem to think the answers they seek are always in the next book, only to realize after reading hundreds of them, that nothing has changed. The billion dollar self-help industry, while it has good intentions, is creating nothing more than addicts; slaves to a new religion called self-help. Lyndelle Palmer Clarke believes that if a person applies only one new idea, consistently, to their life from all the books they’ve read, their results would be astounding.

“I’m not opposed to learning, but at some point we need to recognize that we have the answers we need to change our lives for the better. People don’t need another self-help book. Most people already know what they need to know, they just need to apply it,” Says Palmer Clarke.

Palmer Clarke is the author of the Dailygreatness Yoga Journal: Your Masterplan for a Beautifully Conscious Life designed especially for female yogis. It’s a practical guide that helps its users live more consciously, while giving them a structure to practise yoga, manage their mindset and achieve positive transformation. “My message is simple: be your own guru,” Says Palmer Clarke. 

Palmer Clarke also teaches that a healthy body is the result of healthy thinking habits and her book the Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body & Mind is a 12-week holistic training guide designed especially for women who want to create a training plan and stay accountable to their fitness goals.

Author and Personal Growth Expert Lyndelle Palmer Clarke began her career as a singer, songwriter, actress and TV presenter. At age 18 she was the lead singer and manager of her band in her home of Australia. At 21 she signed to a major record label, and in 2006 was a finalist on Australian Idol. Lyndelle has also featured in numerous TV commercials, TV series and films. After moving to London to further pursue her career in music, Lyndelle experienced what some would call a breakdown but she chooses to call it her "break-through" which became her catalyst for leaving the entertainment industry to follow her new found purpose. As a dedicated student of personal growth for more than a decade, Lyndelle was growing disillusioned with the self-help industry as it became clear that her life was not reflecting the knowledge she'd gathered from all the self-help books, seminars and guru's she'd followed and realised something crucial was missing - applied knowledge. She made it her mission to bridge the gap between knowledge and action for others seeking to live consciously. She is now the author of three practical journals assisting people to create their life vision, take action and apply to their lives what they already know in a practical and dynamic way. Lyndelle currently lives with her fiancé in Sweden and spends her time sharing her message of personal transformation, living authentically and being her own guru.  

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