Rocking Fit: 12 Week Body, Mind & Spirit Online Program

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So you've got the Dailygreatness Training Journal but you want to step it up with an intensive training & wellness program?

Then Rocking Fit is for you! 

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What You'll Get: 

☆ 12 weeks of practical holistic training advice, workouts and mentoring to rock your wellness goals!

☆ 12 Weeks of Rocking Fit Workout Videos, with unique programs designed especially for women

☆ 12 Weekly Mindset Mentoring Videos supporting you to create change from the inside out

☆ Rocking Fit Podcast Series with guest health experts, gurus and trainers

 ☆  Rocking Fit 19-Page Food Guide 

Included in the Starter Kit:

☆ Your very own copy of the Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body & Mind to record your fitness journey

☆ Rocking Fit 40-Page Mindset Workbook

What You'll Learn: 

➤ The Mind Body Connection: How Your Thoughts Affect Your Body

➤ Creating Healthy Habits: Success Lies In Your Daily Routine

➤ Creating a 12 Week Training Plan That Works

➤ How To Use Food To Reach Your Fitness Goals

➤ The Cause Of Self-Sabotage & How To Overcome It

➤ Knowing Your Why: The Power Behind Achieving Your Fitness Goals

➤ The Truth About Cellulite & Body Fat

➤ Motivation: 10 Tricks For Staying On Track

➤ Fitness Model Secrets: Super Sluth Tricks For Rapid Results

➤ Anti-Aging Secrets for Staying Slim, Tight and Toned


How You'll Feel:  

We have the inspiration, the knowledge and the solutions. All you need is a ROCKING attitude and a willingness to show up and succeed!

We guarantee that after 12 weeks, you'll feel:

✔ fit, toned and beautiful

✔ alive and inspired

✔ more knowledgeable about diet, exercise & fitness

✔ more connected to your inner knowing and wisdom

✔ motivated to achieve your goals

✔ determined, confident and energised

✔ empowered to make positive changes for yourself

✔ better able to keep your promises

✔ more courageous to face challenges and adversities in your life

✔ less stressed

✔ grounded, grateful and in flow

✔ happier, healthier, hotter!

Visit the Official Website to Sign Up!


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