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Our Story

A 10 year journey to create a personal growth system that actually works.

Not just another promise. A life-changing experience.

As a 'self-help junkie' for more than a decade, founder, Lyndelle, hit a crisis in her life and was shocked to realize that after consuming thousands of hours of self-help books, courses, podcasts, and seminars, she was making little progress. 

During that challenging but reflective period, she had an epiphany: the missing piece of the puzzle is applied knowledge

It's not what you know; it's what you do that creates results.

Noticing a distinct gap in the market for practical self-help tools, she made it her mission to fill that gap and pioneered the practical personal growth category. 

After years of research, trial and error, and product prototypes, she synthesized the best personal growth, productivity, and peak performance concepts into a system for creating results. 

Ten years on, Dailygreatness has been shipped to over 135 countries and is endorsed by clinical and organizational psychologists, leadership trainers, wellbeing experts, and life and business coaches.

What inspires us the most, though, is receiving thousands of 5-star reviews from customers worldwide who share their success stories of personal transformation across all areas of life and who consistently tell us our products are 'life-changing.' 

What started as one small idea on a kitchen table 10 years ago as a direct to consumer brand has grown to become a global brand synonymous with personal and professional development and wellbeing and has forever changed the lives of those who dare to unleash their inner warrior and simply turn up to the page.