Renee Selby Jones

Renee SJ, a professional dancer and fitness model, began her dance career at the age of six and has been dancing ever since. Renee has performed with several professional dance groups including Melange Dance, La Fiesta and now Bollywood Sensations. She has studied musical theatre, holds a Bachelor of Education, has qualifications in dance, fitness, career development, and is currently studying for her Masters in Management. Renee is also an accomplished precision skater placing 4th at the World Championships, the highest placing by any Australian Precision Team to date. Renee has always followed her heart, her passions and her creativity to curve out an authentic life that is inspiring and embodies the dailygreatness message of "be your own guru."


Hometown: Sydney, Australia

"I love the Dailygreatness Training Journal because it makes me think about my fitness and comp prep in a totally different way. Instead of looking at what is WRONG, it asks me to look at what is RIGHT -- which sounds so obvious right? But I had never done that before. It asks me to be accountable but it asks me to FORGIVE myself and look at how I can take constructive steps forward in my training instead of beating myself up over diet slips or a bad training session. I love that it helps remind me to be positive and grateful."

Renee wisdom: "I believe being fit is sexy but it's also about being smart."

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A Personal Message from Renee.....

My journey into competitive Fitness Modeling and Body Building only began in my 30's. I was not happy with the way that I looked and felt. I was living the viscous cycle of depression and binge eating.

I went to a Fitness Model competition, saw the women on stage and I was in awe. I took a long hard look at myself and that little voice in the back of my head, which had been silent for so long spoke up, "You could do it, you could try."

My first attempt on stage, I didn't look as good as the other girls and I placed last in my category but I looked the best that I'd ever looked in my entire life. From there I was hooked. I loved how my body felt by eating clean and how I could change myself. I was happier, healthier, fitter and I began to take back control of my life.

I never thought of myself as a role model but it has to be one of the best parts of my transformation; being able to inspire and empower other women (and the occasional man) to take charge of themselves. I love getting messages from old friends, or total strangers telling me how I've inspired them.

It's not always about winning in this sport. Every single person who gets on that stage has worked for it -- dieted, trained and sacrificed. I love it because it is all about being the best version of ME - competing with the old version of myself.

Don't get me wrong -- I have my down days and my struggles with food and diet but that is also where the Dailygreatness Training Journal has helped me on my journey. I find things each day to admire and be grateful for.

I am so proud to be an Ambassador for Dailygreatness. Feel free to reach out to me as your fitness guru on your health & fitness journey.

Renee x